Brad Brooks


    Hello, and welcome to my gallery! My name is Brad Brooks, and I am a professional artist experienced in both watercolor and acrylic painting. Through my watercolors, whether I’m painting old barns, historic buildings or beautiful landscapes, my goal is to draw out the history and uniqueness of these scenes using the fluidity and transparent nature of this special medium.

    I prefer to use the stronger tones of acrylic paint to depict both modern and historic sports figures in action, capturing the passion, energy and emotion put forth by the athletes in the heat of the game.

    I look for subjects for paintings in everyday life and try to capture them for posterity. It may be an interesting old house that reflects a mix of geometric shapes or certain lighting cast by the setting sun.

    I grew up in rural Northern California and now live in urban Northern Virginia with my wonderful wife. Together with our kids in tow we owned and operated an art gallery and picture framing business for 15 years in California; I have been a professional artist and certified picture framer for ~35 years. Now that our kids have left the nest and I have more time to paint, I’m seeking to further my art career by doing commissions for original paintings and finding new venues to showcase my art on both coasts.  

    Creating art that captures memories and memorable places, and enhances our surroundings has been my life's goal. Knowing that someone will love and cherish my paintings drives me to create one-of-a-kind images as legacies of a special moment and place in time.

    Through this gallery I want to share with you my past and present creations, in hopes you find them enjoyable and worthwhile. If you have questions or wish more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you!